gunsmithing fees & schedule

There is a minimum charge of 35.00 for every firearm taken in, unless it was for an inspection quote or the service provided has a set fee listed.

Hourly Labor Rate: $70.00 standard - $140.00 if you wait - $280.00 if you help!

In all seriousness though, We know our backlog and we will give you a general idea of when we are able to get to your firearm. If we can get to it sooner we will, but please be patient with us we are only human.

General fixed rates:

  1. Labor - $70.00 per hour, minimum applies.
  2. Professional Cleaning - $35.00 (Most firearms)
  3. Parts orders - Cost + Shipping + 10%
  4. Glass Bedding - $175.00 most rifles
  5. Laser/Bore Sighting Rifle Scope - $35.00
  6. Laser sighting Pistols - $25.00
  7. Inspect and Test Fire - $30.00
  8. Written Firearms Appraisals - $45.00 for one, discounts for multiple firearms

For information call - for quotes you have to bring or send in the firearm.

We are a licensed FFL and can accept firearms and also send back

to the person that originally sent them to us.